It has been said, “Once you let life loose it can only be lived not controlled.” These words could easily be a mantra for expats all over the world. However, it is living well that brings satisfaction and harmony to individuals.  With over 30 years experience in schools and organizations, Linette Langenhuizen, founder of Global Living offers a wealth of knowledge in working with parents, teens, and children from both overseas and the US. Linette has worked in international schools assisting families as they transition through their first years in a new host country.  Her stories, challenges, and strategies connect with expat families who desire to welcome such a lifestyle.  Global Living is about building confidence in all families.

Together we strategize best solutions for:

  • Being a mobile family
  • Adapting to new lifestyles
  • Adjusting to Foreign Cultures and Host Countries
  • Defining your Global Identity
  • Building Support Systems Personal and Professional

Reflections from seminar participants:

I found the Settling-In Seminar a source of inspiration to understand the emotional aspects of settling in to a new environment.  Although we have lived in Switzerland for four years already, the seminar has helped me find the right tools to make our recent move more successful – Family from Holland with 3 children third move in 7 years

I have already moved four times and have indeed met new people and have learned a lot.  I was amazed by the quality of this meeting (psychological, spiritual, and practical as well).  There was so much depth, sensibility and intelligence in the different presentations.  Thanks so much! I spent a wonderful 3 hours and hadn’t expected that at all. – Cécile was living in Bermuda