Global Living Seminars

  • Equipping your Family for a Smooth Transition. Preparations for Living Abroad
  • Settling-In: Smoothing out the Wrinkles of Transitions and Building your New Community
  • Preparing for Healthy Farewells: Moving On to a New Tour or Repatriation Home

Global Living Workshops

For families to experience cultural agility it takes time, understanding and effort to adapt, adjust and find your support systems.  Global living offers an array of pertinent topics for ongoing parent workshops that could be offered through the schools, businesses and/or organizations addressing the issues and challenges of being a global citizen while also giving expat families time to build community with other expats

Global Living Mentor and Program Development

Offers International Schools, Businesses and Organizations continuous support in designing programs to meet the needs of the expat family.  We can meet through conferencing via web or in person.  Templates for program and workshop design will be tailored to the organization.

Global Living Connect: Focus Groups for Expats

Ongoing small groups engage individuals who seek clarity on pertinent issues of today’s global family.  Unpacking the notion of ones global identity and the demands raising a family always presents new stages and many questions.  These groups provide an intimate and safe place to explore how to maintain your core values for yourself and family.

International transitions are not for the faint of heart! There are resources such as Global Living available to help. – Stephanie USA

I am so pleased I attended and am grateful the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL)  supports this program.  This seminar helped me to acknowledge that the emotions and difficulties are natural and the hope that,  as others have experienced the same challenges and have come through, I might too! – Family from UK